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Before the World War I, the lung cancer was considered a rare illness, which the majority of the doctors could never see during its professional career. With the growth of the popularity of the tobaccoism after the war, had an increase ' ' epidmico' ' of lung cancer. The incidence of sexual impotence is approximately 85% greater in masculine smokers of what not-smokers, and is an important cause of ertil disfuno. The tobaccoism leads to the impotence for causing the nip of the arteries (of the penis and the body). The illnesses related to the tobaccoism kill 440,000 citizens state-unidenses per year, about 1,205 per day, making with that the tobaccoism is the biggest cause of death capable to be prevented in the United States of America.

The increased risk of the person in contracting illnesses is directly proportional to the duration of the time where the person continues to smoke as well as a smoked amount. However, if somebody stops to smoke, then these possibilities diminish gradually since the bodily injuries are repaired. It is an illness of difficult estimate of incidence, because a definitive diagnosis, on the basis of its morphology, only can be made by examination of the pulmes to the autopsies, was present in 65% of adult men and 25% of the adult women. The majority was assintomtica, mainly of enfisema to centriacinar, more common and intense in men of what in women. the type most serious occurs in the great tabagistas.

Although enfisema if does not become incapacitante until fifth the eighth decade of the life, dficits ventilatrios evidentes decades can become clinically before. In the truth, enfisematosas alterations in the pulmes of adolescents had been found who had died of accidental causes and that they had been displayed to the pollution of ambient air. EFFECT IN the BODY In the eyes, the tobacco produces the ambliopia tabgica, that represents the weakening of the direction of the vision and distortion of the point of visual focus.