United Nations

Liga of the Nations renasce in Brazil Of this time the league has a golden hexagon with seven stars and one of these stars is in the center of the hexagon being the greater well supports all the others, the league of the nations renasceu for justice and the peace is its fruit, today it is not more the blue pentagon of two stars that distributed the wealth, that nor were its, but yes stolen of nations that had been arrasadas. The new world-wide order is born as the new order of State, as the only way for the nations, as one I renew left the root of the old order, clamando for the justice ideal that was lost the much time in history, and was abandoned by the Organization of United Nations, clamando for the right to the life and the full health that they had been denied by the World-wide Organization of Health. Before the weapons of destruction in mass and the overwhelming missiles of today, the sacrificiais acts ' ' pacficos' ' or abominable, cruel and horrendos sanguinrios, libidinous people and, were msticos and the people carried through certain types of described offerings as primcias: of airs, of waters, the fire, the land and the stars. It enters the primcias of the land we have historical and literary references that indicate the offers of foods, animals and people. Preferential the best foods, more beautiful were chosen pure, the best more perfect and healthful animals, the best human models that were new strong beauties and. The old or primitive peoples had a very clear characteristic that consisted of the slavery of the ignorants (wild peoples, who had not received the knowledge) and of the domination of the doutos (civilized peoples, that had received the knowledge) also known as Hixos (evolved peoples, dominadores of other peoples). The historical science and studies; astrology, archaeology, museologia, anthropology and sociology, show that, in diverse Ages, groups prevail that a knowledge withholds using it as form and tool of domination. .