The United Way Food Bank

The mission of the United Way Food Bank is to end the hunger of all Americans.  As a charitable organization, it works hard and without any expectations.  But it constantly needs resources – from volunteer workers to large amounts of monies – and this is not always so easy especially in today’s wilting and struggling economy.  Still, it has managed to provide over 25 million meals over the years, as well as 35 million pounds of non-perishable food items.

Through its vital work, the United Way Food Bank has literally saved the lives of thousands of would-be starving Americans.  As well, it has saved millions and millions of pounds of food that would otherwise have been dumped.  The organization has volunteers who go to functions and restaurants at the end of the night and ask for the any leftover food that they will not be using.  As a result, a phenomenal amount of recycling is done, ensuring a lot of food is distributed properly throughout America’s hungry.