Neurolingstica Programming

A form of internal communication exists that it indicates to us when we must act, when we must speak, when we must even discuss and when we must love. To listen to of visceral way repique inner gives us rules for the action in a precise, synchronous and exact time, of irrational way, only following our impulses. You will be asking yourself with reason, to that I am talking about, I explain myself, exists an internal form very precise to indicate to us when to act by impulse, with a precision in the time and an exactitude in the results that could asmbranos, in case of not being conscious of this wonderful tool that God has put in our body, soul and hearts, and I invite to you to integrate consciously in your life. When you feel with your body, from inside that is the moment for acting, and without thinking you mobilize yourself towards a certain objective and you obtain the assignment in fractions of seconds or extraordinary times, these acting subordinate to these repiques inner, and obtaining results practically without using the logical reasoning. You it happened sometimes that before a situation " x" on which you had to make a certain decision, your body spoke to you, I communicate with you and it let know you of some form if you had or not to act? You have felt I beat, a hunch, " not que" that from to inside it impels you to do something that is not included/understood very well but the inner urgency is but strong, but powerful and it subordinates the logical and rational thought, and you act soon to verify that haberte was good let take immediately by that internal impulse and have acted? To that I am describing to them in the Neurolingstica Programming they call &quot to him; verification ecolgica" , being worth of the corporal sensations with respect to a certain decision, this is carried out or not. .

Pretty Islands

Greece has the prettiest islands of Europe, followed by Spain that remains in the put second. This it is the result of an international survey made by Zoover commentaries of vacations, with more than 14,000 answers. The visitors of 17 international Web sites of Zoover ( could indicate their preferences exceeds what European country has the prettiest islands. The Greek Islands, great winners, followed by the Spanish islands. Greece showed to be the unquestionable winner.

A 44% of the total of the votes were granted to the islands of this country. The second place was for Spain, with a little more 17% of the votes. The islands of the Croatia obtained a 16% of the votes, remaining in the third position. Samos is the island better evaluated in Greece Based on the opinions received in the Webs of Zoover, the island of Samos is considered like the best Greek island. Samos is famous by its authentic character, its white towns of fishermen and their colorful ports. The inhabitants of Samos try to conserve the island to the maximum, putting for example many restrictions for the construction of high buildings. A visitor of Zoover counts on Samos: Here you find and intimate white sand beaches and many colorful ports precious.

The hills of the interior have an ebullient vegetation. The island has an average valuation of the 8.6. Also the islands Karpathos and Lesbos are very well evaluated. Good appreciation of the Spanish islands the Spanish islands remained in the second put as far as the total percentage of the votes. The Spanish users of Zoover know nevertheless it clearly, for them the Spanish islands are prettiest, gave a 51% them of the votes, leaving to Greece in the second place with a 24%. The average of all the international valuations in Zoover of the known Spanish islands more is high, no loss of a score of the 7.6, being the best one evaluated the islands the Iron (8,2), Ibiza and Formentera (both 8.0) followed by Fuerteventura and the Gomera (both 7.9). Showy In the survey it draws attention that the islands of Portugal as soon as they were voted. It is showy because there are Portuguese islands like Madeira and the Goshawks that are destinies of quite popular vacations and with very good valuations in the international Webs of Zoover.