The NECESSITY OF a SRELIGIO the quandary of nobody to know more which way to follow nummundo with as many religions how many they are the stars of the sky We are in a plural, multifaceted and confused world. If in the scientific way the ambiguity and a doubt are the rule, in the popular way, then, nor she is necessary to point. Almost as a proper rejection of the Law deMurphy, after-modernity comes to proclaim ' ' It was of the Incerteza' ' of Galbraith, and alone it is attending who it, with the humildade and the limpid attention of that LuizCarlos Lisbon spoke, obtains to understand, in part, the ecloso and the profusion deneuroses and mental riots in the current society. On the basis of this generic ambiguity, we deal with aquiapenas the religious question the world. However, if the negative plurality of the doubt, inoculated against all the areas of the human knowledge (as if the universointeiro conspired against the mind human being and said ' ' vocs cannot sabertudo' '), dahumanidade must be seen as harmful or disastrous for the evolution, what not to say of the injected doubt inside of the conscience religiosaou of the human mstico spirit? With effect, the uncommon quo will not be the danocausado one to the Christianity for the avalanche of religions, seitas and denominaes' ' crists' ' of the present time? Perhaps few see until where it goes or certainly nor osprprios ' ' lderes' ' Christians if give to account of the colossal provoked damage religious pelopluripartidarismo, or of the pluridoutrinarismo, as in the politics hyperbolic umaprofuso of parties are not seen as by the majority doscientistas politicians good. However, as the plurality also centuplicou asdvidas, it is opportune to register that much good people defend the idea of ' ' quantomais doubt melhor' ' , alleging that the doubt is the only free mental exercise collateral dosefeitos of laziness (even so it has mental preguias that they nourish perpetual damanuteno of the doubt, as form to prevent the advance).