Brazilian State

They configure thus ' ' estilos' ' of cult derived from determined combinations of the available cultural codes. We will look for to demonstrate to follow that the slight knowledge of ' ' fronteiras' ' ' or ' ' alternativas' ' religious they lose very of its empirical consistency when analyzed of this point of vista' ' vi We find thus, the construction of conditional religious pluralism the religious hegemony perpetrated by the Church Catholic and the connivance of the State, still on the eurocntristas influences of world, that is, the necessity of europeizao seen for us imputes the society concepts of a eurocntrica culture, where religion and State if complement in the descaracterizao of a multicultural and miscigenada society. ' ' We saw that in the process formation of the Brazilian public space to present itself as religion was the only form of possible institutionalization for the expression of practical that they associated heterclitas forms of cure and centered rituals in tanse.' ' vii It is in this context that the Brazilian State constructs one arcabouo legal-legal defining ' ' religioso' ' in reference to the catholic. ' ' In this direction, ' ' belief in Deus' ' , minimum unit of what it can be accepted as ' ' religio' ' , it is referring universal of all practical ones: ' ' All the religions are good because all lead the Deus' ' , says a kardecista motto or, we, all would say the religions we are perceived because they assume the belief in Deus.' ' viii Encontramos here the necessary justification for the abandonment of the laity of the State and its religious regulation, we can say that he passes the State to inside normatizar the functioning of the religions of laws that if keep fidiciary office to the hegemonic concept of religion, that is, the State passes if to inside hold of a permissividade for other religious segments inside of its hegemonic concept of religion or religiosidade, as we will analyze below: ' ' since the first ones moments of the constitution of the republic the combat witchcraft and to the charlatanism was party to suit of establishment of a modern public order.