Sufficient Abundance

If we in detail observed the beauty of the creation we will notice an incredible greatness, we watch as the power pronounces in everything, the abundance is throughout if in some personal aspects we have not experienced it is because we have not paid him the sufficient attention. Propngase every day to watch the wealth in his around, wealth in an ample sense (money, investments, life, ideas that to write, songs that to compose, new products, designs, games, machines, etc.) this world is full of wonders and you can begin to be part of many of those contributions. For example if you play musical, he has put himself to think how many melodies are possible? He is infinite, everything what we observed in our universe is infinite, perhaps we are sure that some species are missing person, at spiritual level that is not thus because the time is an illusion, everything is beauty if you decide to experience it. Andrew Corentt I express in his book I am Happy, I I am Rico the importance of beginning to enjoy everything what we arrange, each perception is a true miracle, the same life is it and everything has life, until rocks and all the things that our senses experiment. In measurement that you believe in the abundance will experiment it on the contrary if you think that others him have robbed, that the Government takes to everything, which the opportunists exist, that will be what will experiment. Somebody can refute to me, but pain in certain place is observed, if, but why? Simply because those people are not conscious of their own one to be able and insist on acting in a certain roll, this is easy to verify it, dgale you to a boy who is gross, incapable, clumsy, intelligent, little hateful, etc. what will happen? That boy will become all the negative that has made believe him. On the contrary when we are able to raise the self-esteem of the others saying to them that they are intelligent, beautiful, powerful, able, exceptional, Then etc. its energy rises and as a result of this they become successful people, one of the secrets of the leadership is indeed to activate the motor intern of the individuals to make think, act, live and create positive conditions and experiences.