The NECESSITY OF a SRELIGIO the quandary of nobody to know more which way to follow nummundo with as many religions how many they are the stars of the sky We are in a plural, multifaceted and confused world. If in the scientific way the ambiguity and a doubt are the rule, in the popular way, then, nor she is necessary to point. Almost as a proper rejection of the Law deMurphy, after-modernity comes to proclaim ' ' It was of the Incerteza' ' of Galbraith, and alone it is attending who it, with the humildade and the limpid attention of that LuizCarlos Lisbon spoke, obtains to understand, in part, the ecloso and the profusion deneuroses and mental riots in the current society. On the basis of this generic ambiguity, we deal with aquiapenas the religious question the world. However, if the negative plurality of the doubt, inoculated against all the areas of the human knowledge (as if the universointeiro conspired against the mind human being and said ' ' vocs cannot sabertudo' '), dahumanidade must be seen as harmful or disastrous for the evolution, what not to say of the injected doubt inside of the conscience religiosaou of the human mstico spirit? With effect, the uncommon quo will not be the danocausado one to the Christianity for the avalanche of religions, seitas and denominaes' ' crists' ' of the present time? Perhaps few see until where it goes or certainly nor osprprios ' ' lderes' ' Christians if give to account of the colossal provoked damage religious pelopluripartidarismo, or of the pluridoutrinarismo, as in the politics hyperbolic umaprofuso of parties are not seen as by the majority doscientistas politicians good. However, as the plurality also centuplicou asdvidas, it is opportune to register that much good people defend the idea of ' ' quantomais doubt melhor' ' , alleging that the doubt is the only free mental exercise collateral dosefeitos of laziness (even so it has mental preguias that they nourish perpetual damanuteno of the doubt, as form to prevent the advance).

Sufficient Abundance

If we in detail observed the beauty of the creation we will notice an incredible greatness, we watch as the power pronounces in everything, the abundance is throughout if in some personal aspects we have not experienced it is because we have not paid him the sufficient attention. Propngase every day to watch the wealth in his around, wealth in an ample sense (money, investments, life, ideas that to write, songs that to compose, new products, designs, games, machines, etc.) this world is full of wonders and you can begin to be part of many of those contributions. For example if you play musical, he has put himself to think how many melodies are possible? He is infinite, everything what we observed in our universe is infinite, perhaps we are sure that some species are missing person, at spiritual level that is not thus because the time is an illusion, everything is beauty if you decide to experience it. Andrew Corentt I express in his book I am Happy, I I am Rico the importance of beginning to enjoy everything what we arrange, each perception is a true miracle, the same life is it and everything has life, until rocks and all the things that our senses experiment. In measurement that you believe in the abundance will experiment it on the contrary if you think that others him have robbed, that the Government takes to everything, which the opportunists exist, that will be what will experiment. Somebody can refute to me, but pain in certain place is observed, if, but why? Simply because those people are not conscious of their own one to be able and insist on acting in a certain roll, this is easy to verify it, dgale you to a boy who is gross, incapable, clumsy, intelligent, little hateful, etc. what will happen? That boy will become all the negative that has made believe him. On the contrary when we are able to raise the self-esteem of the others saying to them that they are intelligent, beautiful, powerful, able, exceptional, Then etc. its energy rises and as a result of this they become successful people, one of the secrets of the leadership is indeed to activate the motor intern of the individuals to make think, act, live and create positive conditions and experiences.

Brazilian Literature Pages

The doctors have expenses with the infrastructure of the doctor’s offices, as rent, secretary, telephone, instruments, receiturios, room of wait, chairs, coffee, magazines, etc. and pay taxes for the carried through services. It happens that the majority of the people does not know how much the accords pay the doctors badly. It has until people who are with the weighed conscience, therefore find that they are giving damage for the accord, of as many consultations that they make. Pure naivety, therefore the owners of the accords are cracking to gain money. The accords pay on average to the doctor about twenty the thirty Reals for consultation (and it deducts the tax), with right the return, of which the doctor is not remunerated, earning therefore, if the patient will be to the return, about ten the twenty Reals for consultation.

Therefore the doctors have that to take care of fast, running, to make volume, seno they do not pay nor the expenses of the doctor’s office. This is to touch service, worsening very the quality of the consultation. not of the no satisfaction for doctor, for the opposite, only disgust for the profession. Worse it is that the owners of the accords in general are doctors. Doctor is eating doctor. The patients and the doctors are the wronged ones. The owners of the accords if only benefit. (August Andres Passari) Author of: ' ' Fragmentos of tempo' ' Publishing company: Paubrasil art Sort: Poetry/Brazilian Literature Pages: 112 Price: R$ 20,00 (R$ 14,60 in the site of the Publishing company) to order: – Bookstore Hail – Bookstore Culture – artepaubrasil Bookstore ( – and others

The United Way Food Bank

The mission of the United Way Food Bank is to end the hunger of all Americans.  As a charitable organization, it works hard and without any expectations.  But it constantly needs resources – from volunteer workers to large amounts of monies – and this is not always so easy especially in today’s wilting and struggling economy.  Still, it has managed to provide over 25 million meals over the years, as well as 35 million pounds of non-perishable food items.

Through its vital work, the United Way Food Bank has literally saved the lives of thousands of would-be starving Americans.  As well, it has saved millions and millions of pounds of food that would otherwise have been dumped.  The organization has volunteers who go to functions and restaurants at the end of the night and ask for the any leftover food that they will not be using.  As a result, a phenomenal amount of recycling is done, ensuring a lot of food is distributed properly throughout America’s hungry.