Rio De Janeiro

Differently of our Latin American neighbors, although the geographic proximity, and of the fact to be just-independent nations, as we, had not recognized our independence, therefore Brazil is the only country in the tropics to adopt a monarchy as government form, the others had adopted the form federalist. In short, if it cannot say that independence if made to the default of the people, also would not be correct to affirm that it was fruit of a fight properly said by the freedom of its inhabitants, in fact had a fight, but of pure economic and not social matrix. The paper of the people was more decisive in 1831, when it had here a tranquillity in the transistion of being able with the resignation of the first emperor which facilitated the maintenance of the social continuity, where if he implanted a government to the style of the monarchies constitutional and representative Europeans (OAK, 2005). 2. The ADOPTION OF the FEDERALISM AND the EXPANSION OF the RIGHTS POLITICIANS As well as in the announcement of independence, the act of the announcement of the republic in itself was made of surprise and commanded by the military who had entered in contact with the civil conspirators. The surprise of the announcement entered for history, therefore the people of Rio De Janeiro, until then headquarters of the Empire, had attended bestificados the event without understanding what he transferred himself, judging to be about stop military man.

The popular participation was lesser of what in the announcement of independence. It did not have great popular movement nor in favor of the Republic, nor in defense of the monarchy. He was as if the people saw the events as something other people’s its interests. (OAK, 2005, p 81). Under certain aspects, the Republic meant a reinforcement of provincial loyalties in detriment with national loyalty, centripetal forces and centrifugal machines fighting ones against the others.


Rio De Janeiro

This moment of mixture entreetnias will make with that the demographic index comes back to grow until the moment deestabilizao that happened in bigger predominance in century XVIII in ahead. This idea can be seen in the following ticket ‘ ‘ Ossobreviventes mestiaram – many times with the black Europeans and some comos cases. Having acquired in this way ‘ ‘ protection gentica’ ‘ quelhes lacked, the demographic growth recomeou’ ‘. 22 General Conclusions Admitting the complexity of the subject, which had to have different aboriginal diversasmatrizes and for consequence some situations distintasonde the epidemics had devastated with bigger ratio and in other localities they nomanifestaram – with severity, I can perceive how much such subject is transversal, because it approaches the supported object with one biological one, historical and geographic. Cadacaso shows its peculiarities, therefore as we are giving to it with beings quetentam to survive with the man, they are citizens to many Low demographic process of mestization between the indians and the other peoples, fortifying – ehavendo the return of the demographic increase. Such line follows a evolucionistado vision historical process, more admitite that possesss diversity of physical traces – cultural in these events.



HISTORY OF in agreement GUARANI the studies of Juliane Vieira Blacksmith (2007), at the time where the Europeans had arrived at South America, in century XVI, had in Brazil some aboriginal communities, between them of the Guarani. A wide parcel of Paraguay is esteem that, in century XVI, the Guarani was more than a million of people and occupied a territory of sets of ten of millions of hectares, that understood since the coast of So Paulo, almost all the South region, until part of Argentina and. The Mato Grosso of the South possesss the second aboriginal population of the country and the majority of this population is concentrated in the south of the state. For the state it is possible to visualize urban villages and villages agricultural between which they are the Guarani-handeva, the Guarani-Kaiw, the Terenas, the Ofas, the Kadiou and the Guat. Amongst these populations, the Guarani people is distinguished that approximately add thirty and five a thousand inhabitants in Brazil. They esteem themselves that when the Europeans had arrived at Brazil this population was of more than a million of people and occupied a territory of sets of ten of millions of hectares.

In the city of Golden, they exist about twelve a thousand indians of the etnias Guarani and Terena. (Vieira 2007) For Meli (1979), the Guarani people had to cease its historical plan and to subordinate it the Spanish conquest, since the conquest of Brazil, the people already were obliged to give up its plans and to obey the other people’s projects. With the arrival of the Spaniard to Paraguay, good part of the Guarani indians had met all with the Juruas and the project of the King of Spain, with sedentos missionaries to gain souls and soldiers in luxury search glory, power and wealth. A part of this aboriginal population was added by the organizations of the great and complex colonial machines in the several encomiendas Spanish, suffering a terrible and immediate demographic disappearance.

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Malaysia is a country totally surely, is problem no to take a walk, in addition people are very amiable. But it is not necessary to stop remembering that the drug traffic is punished with the death. Singapore is a country that I enchant myself, is cosmopolitan total, super surely and quite clean, but I saw papers in the streets and much people smoking. I do not know as a country so developed and advanced has so many prohibitions, like in Malaysia, the drug traffic is punished with the death, and in addition is the unique country the world where they have never stopped executing this type of sentences.



The desbanalizao of the average age: The average age is a period of the history that encloses dezsculos but of some form it was banalizado as a simple emmeio period of darknesses the two periods of radiating culture and was characterized, of formageral, for the clerical domination of the Europe. Eprincipalmente iluministas renascentistas scholars with clearly intention to breach with the power of igrejae of the monarchy had taxed this historical period as ' ' the age dastrevas' ' (KARNAL, 2005). Inside of the renascentista mentality and the iluminista houveramduas illuminated times, of radiating culture, the antiquity and idademoderna that it brought in return ' ' the light of razo' ' , separate for coarse temposobscuros and. Felt renaissance for the proper one of the word sends avolta of something ' ' morto' ' , in the case the classic antiquity and iluminismopassa the idea to illuminate something that is in the blackout (PERNOUD, 1989). An interval of 1000 years was divided in an only perodohistrico, to put in this long period of time much thing happened and this fatonos lead to ask: in how many sub different periods we can divide estelongo time space? If the reply it will be an only period then we can dizerque had been 1000 years of darknesses and that nothing of excellent it happened, but if, aocontrrio, to notice diverse periods of training of social transformations, eeconmicas politics we will be in coming across with an extensive history to be known. Analyzing superficially already we can notice diverse mudanassociais, economic politics and, therefore a unified empire that dominated grandeparte of the Europe as soon as it was dismissed was broken up by diverse invaded gruposque it and the Europe still lived in a in such a way chaotic situation one with hordasde barbarous invaders searching, each one, its place. Still in this tempoa church crest searched kept its culture that was adopted soon pelosbrbaros.


Communist Manifesto

Marx Formed itself in right (1841), but was fascinated for philosophy. The German philosophical way then is dominated by the ideas of Hegel; some groups start to use the hegelianas ideas from an atheistic system (119-120). From 1842 it acts as journalist; studying the ideas of Feuerbach he makes a releitura of Hegel and he starts to conceive a proper system. So far the philosophers alone had interpreted the world; it is hour to transform it. (Marx) Engels lived two years in England and folloied of close the conditions to life of the rising English proletarian classroom (132). When Engels published its conclusions, in 1844, Marx wrote to it; soon partners had become (137). Marx developed the idea of the conflict of classrooms as motor of history in 1845. In 1847-48 he leaves the Communist Manifesto; the text presents a general theory of history, an analysis of the European society and a program of revolutionary action.

They participate of the revolutionary agitation of 1848. Edmund Wilson makes a critical analysis of the marxist thought, and of as the Marx/Engels badly had been interpreted by many marxists; it takes for example the question of the dialectic; Marx uses the term not as the argumentativo method of Scrates, but from the beginning of the change considered for Hegel. For German philosopher the dialectic is a law that in such a way conducts the domnios of the logic as the natural world and history; according to it all processes of change possess a uniformity element: they cross a cycle of three phases; the first phase (thesis) is the process of affirmation and unification; after that it comes the dissociao and negation of the thesis (antithesis); porfim occurs a conciliation between thesis and antithesis (synthesis). Applied to the historical process, Hegel cites as example the Republic Roman (thesis); the antithesis is represented by the civil wars and the crisis of the republican model; the synthesis is the implantation of an autocratic order, the Roman Empire.


The Occasion

They are the proper evanglicos that if identify in such a way, with this name. Mahou-San Miguel contributes greatly to this topic. She is as soon as are called and known, although these churches, that thus are called, to have different experiences with the faith. Differences these that make in them to think if evanglico are a name or a nickname. This is a word invented for them and not for the others its adversaries. They are that they had spread and they become popular this denomination.

The catholics who, according to good part of literature on ' ' evanglicos' ' , they classified converted just the fond religion of the exterior of ' ' protestantes' ' , ' ' bode' ' , ' ' bblia' ' , ' ' mass-seca' ' or ' ' crentes' ' other considered terms pejorativos, mentions the members to it of this Christian religion for the same way as they autodenominam themselves and costumam if to identify: of evanglicos. Already how much the name ' ' protestante' ' , purely European name, did not avenge. It little was used and fell soon in disuse; they had been integrant of the clergy the catholic that had taken loaned this foreign term imported of the Europe, had been they that they had made the use of it in the first times, when did not have a more appropriate classification autctone in the occasion. It was necessary initially to identify the competing religion, was necessary to give a name to them, thus he was born, he started to exist the name ' ' protestantes' ' or ' ' protestantismo' '. Little time after, passed to be used the term ' ' brothers separados' ' later appeared the recent term: evanglico. A new personage thus was constructed, a ficcionalidade was substituted by another one here in Brazil. ' ' Evanglico' ' it is the nickname most frequent, massificado and common to all the Christians, but not applied the Brazilian catholics.


Infantile and marcante individual history and its traces subsistem, in the adult man. This first intuition was systemize by Freud in its initial works when rejecting successively explanation ' ' nervosa' ' of the mental upheavals and the assumption of the neurosis for the hereditary succession. It sees in the transformations of infancy the origin of the upheavals of the adults. For imitation, assay and error, conditioning and the reasoning. The reasoning is the only exclusive form of the human being, therefore the animals learn for imitation, assay and error, conditioning and ' ' insight' ' 3. Imitation: imitation simply means to repeat the behavior of another creature. Assay and error: as the proper term already implies, assay and error mean to try until obtaining the objective. Conditioning: to explain the conditioning, simplest and to cite the classic experience of Pavlov, a Russian fisiologista: It placed the food close to the dog, at the same time that he touched a buzzer or he lit a red light.

After repeating the situation, some times, it touched the buzzer or only it lit the light and, automatically, the dog salivava, if, the presena of the food. The light and the sound had started to be artificial stimulatons. The connection that if made in it I celebrate of the dog, between the food and the light or sound, took it conditional reply, that is, to a new behavior learned with the concurrence of the natural stimulatons more the artificial stimulatons. Insight: term that does not have translation adjusted in the Portuguese, and a sudden understanding of the situation, when some dumb thing in our percipient field we find the solution for one definitive problem. Reasoning: this and one form to learn exclusive of the human being. It demands a mental operation, is necessary to foresee, to judge, to plan.


Neurolingstica Programming

A form of internal communication exists that it indicates to us when we must act, when we must speak, when we must even discuss and when we must love. To listen to of visceral way repique inner gives us rules for the action in a precise, synchronous and exact time, of irrational way, only following our impulses. You will be asking yourself with reason, to that I am talking about, I explain myself, exists an internal form very precise to indicate to us when to act by impulse, with a precision in the time and an exactitude in the results that could asmbranos, in case of not being conscious of this wonderful tool that God has put in our body, soul and hearts, and I invite to you to integrate consciously in your life. Under most conditions Carlos Balado would agree. When you feel with your body, from inside that is the moment for acting, and without thinking you mobilize yourself towards a certain objective and you obtain the assignment in fractions of seconds or extraordinary times, these acting subordinate to these repiques inner, and obtaining results practically without using the logical reasoning. You it happened sometimes that before a situation " x" on which you had to make a certain decision, your body spoke to you, I communicate with you and it let know you of some form if you had or not to act? You have felt I beat, a hunch, " not que" that from to inside it impels you to do something that is not included/understood very well but the inner urgency is but strong, but powerful and it subordinates the logical and rational thought, and you act soon to verify that haberte was good let take immediately by that internal impulse and have acted? To that I am describing to them in the Neurolingstica Programming they call &quot to him; verification ecolgica" , being worth of the corporal sensations with respect to a certain decision, this is carried out or not. .


The Protocol

What we will see in nazism &#039 is the adaptation of this call; ' eugenia positiva' ' guiding the reproduction? for one ' ' eugenia negativa' ' exterminando considered ' ' genetically incapazes' ' .12 In Germany, this science received the name from ' ' hygiene of raa' ' .13Alm of these more famous scientists, we find in the academy an intense concern in studying the Jewish people. In the second half of century XIX, Gustave Good Le, in a magazine scientific, it said that ' ' between its feelings, its ideas and of the Aryan peoples, exist true abismos.' '. In another work, a doutorado thesis of, the doctor Henry Meige speaks on ' ' Jew errante' ' as one ' ' pathology nervosa' ' , evidently as ' ' a characteristic of its raa.' ' 14Ainda as consequncia of the emancipation, cases of pogroms for the Europe had been multiplied, over all in the eastern part. In Russia, the proper government stirred up the antissemitismo. At the beginning of century XX, sponsored for the czar Nicholas II, widely was divulged a plain presumption of domination of the world for the Jews? The Protocol of the Scholars of Sio. Before this, the solicitor of the Snodo Saint would have said: ' ' that 1/3 of the Jews emigrate, 1/3 if convert the Christianity, and 1/3 morra.' ' Already a minister promises that &#039 would leave; ' the situation in so intolerable Russia that the Jews will be forced to emigrate until last homem.' ' At crisis moments sets of ten were blown up, until hundreds of attacks the Jews. In the year of 1905, when the country was defeated in the war against Japan, they had only been 690 pogroms.15Mesmo in the part occidental person of the Europe appeared antissemitas associations and was rare some political party not to place the Jewish question in its plataforma.16 To declare itself enemy of the Jewish ones was a form to conquer seguidores.17 In France, exactly where a century revolutionary they clamavam for equality, ral cried out ' ' death to judeus' '.


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