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The doctors have expenses with the infrastructure of the doctor’s offices, as rent, secretary, telephone, instruments, receiturios, room of wait, chairs, coffee, magazines, etc. and pay taxes for the carried through services. It happens that the majority of the people does not know how much the accords pay the doctors badly. It has until people who are with the weighed conscience, therefore find that they are giving damage for the accord, of as many consultations that they make. Pure naivety, therefore the owners of the accords are cracking to gain money. The accords pay on average to the doctor about twenty the thirty Reals for consultation (and it deducts the tax), with right the return, of which the doctor is not remunerated, earning therefore, if the patient will be to the return, about ten the twenty Reals for consultation.

Therefore the doctors have that to take care of fast, running, to make volume, seno they do not pay nor the expenses of the doctor’s office. This is to touch service, worsening very the quality of the consultation. not of the no satisfaction for doctor, for the opposite, only disgust for the profession. Worse it is that the owners of the accords in general are doctors. Doctor is eating doctor. The patients and the doctors are the wronged ones. The owners of the accords if only benefit. (August Andres Passari) Author of: ' ' Fragmentos of tempo' ' Publishing company: Paubrasil art Sort: Poetry/Brazilian Literature Pages: 112 Price: R$ 20,00 (R$ 14,60 in the site of the Publishing company) to order: – Bookstore Hail – Bookstore Culture – artepaubrasil Bookstore ( – and others

The United Way Food Bank

The mission of the United Way Food Bank is to end the hunger of all Americans.  As a charitable organization, it works hard and without any expectations.  But it constantly needs resources – from volunteer workers to large amounts of monies – and this is not always so easy especially in today’s wilting and struggling economy.  Still, it has managed to provide over 25 million meals over the years, as well as 35 million pounds of non-perishable food items.

Through its vital work, the United Way Food Bank has literally saved the lives of thousands of would-be starving Americans.  As well, it has saved millions and millions of pounds of food that would otherwise have been dumped.  The organization has volunteers who go to functions and restaurants at the end of the night and ask for the any leftover food that they will not be using.  As a result, a phenomenal amount of recycling is done, ensuring a lot of food is distributed properly throughout America’s hungry.