Galga Away

Fast invade the room, adentram in narrow corridor and of this to the room to the side. Rapazinho seated to the front of the computer if return perplexo and badly obtains to inquire: – What What vocs they want? Highest, strong of the encapuzados ones then it inquires, crying out: – Cad the Marquinhos? – But it is not here not – Marquinhos cageta not deferred payment here? The weapons in the hands. Threatening. Silence between the three, that it lasts seconds and it is broken by the thick voice again: – You do not know where deferred payment the Marquinhos? – I know not. Vocs is in the wrong house.

Then the voice of the accomplice, who is baixote, magrinho, if makes to hear: – We go even so I flow. You to all making a mistake. It must there be, in the neighboring house. – Porra! The trembling adolescent looks them, without believing what presencia, lives, already to the exit door, the invaders if come back and what seems to be the head then commands: – He shoots in it, Branquinho! – But – You want that it serves of witness, porra? The detonations. The body that if lintel, falling on the computer. The steps that wound the silence of the corridor, the room and earn to ordered to the death, in burn-of-archive. if inside hears new detonations of the dawn, while in the surrounding residences silence hangs abetter, who serves of protection to the survival of the inhabitants. Indifferent to everything, the dawn ripens.

3 the adolescent jumps of the silver-plated-dark automobile, imported, last model. – Tchau! – Until, good-looking! . It smiles and turning themselves, walks, moving away themselves, in the narrow, desert sidewalk. (A valuable related resource: ministra de Educación). The man binds the car and also he moves away yourself, distanciando itself. Running away what the presencia one, what tanned in the motel in company of the girl who now solitary goes in sensible of casinha in the high one, of the mount opposite, going up the staircase of steps encardidos for the time and the day to day dirt of the inhabitants of the laterals. Exausta initiates the ascent. In the imprisoned stock market to the left shoulder, the fat amount received by baron, that it paid to it well so that satisfied to it in its sexual whims. – Old nojento! Exclama,> in another one! . The hope. The different days. The life that then it will be another one. Different Galga the steps, fulfilling the sina of the cruel reality. The dawn goes if wasting before the light that blunts shy, of the new day. – Mother? – Tou here in the room. The young pushes the leaned door and adentra. To broaden your perception, visit Jacob Horace Mann. In the neighboring house the rooster sings, announcing the day that to the few awakes to agasalhar everything. Mother and son if confrot and run away the face from side, in the pretending indifference what they know, understand and suffer. Beating to the wings the rooster she sings. For the dumping waggon of janelinha of the room the light if shows as in a hope. The son leaves. Contained in its proper reality. – Mine filhinha The tears go down for the faces aged prematurely. – Until when I will have to see everything this?