Pretty Islands

Greece has the prettiest islands of Europe, followed by Spain that remains in the put second. This it is the result of an international survey made by Zoover commentaries of vacations, with more than 14,000 answers. The visitors of 17 international Web sites of Zoover ( could indicate their preferences exceeds what European country has the prettiest islands. The Greek Islands, great winners, followed by the Spanish islands. Greece showed to be the unquestionable winner.

A 44% of the total of the votes were granted to the islands of this country. The second place was for Spain, with a little more 17% of the votes. The islands of the Croatia obtained a 16% of the votes, remaining in the third position. Samos is the island better evaluated in Greece Based on the opinions received in the Webs of Zoover, the island of Samos is considered like the best Greek island. Samos is famous by its authentic character, its white towns of fishermen and their colorful ports. The inhabitants of Samos try to conserve the island to the maximum, putting for example many restrictions for the construction of high buildings. A visitor of Zoover counts on Samos: Here you find and intimate white sand beaches and many colorful ports precious.

The hills of the interior have an ebullient vegetation. The island has an average valuation of the 8.6. Also the islands Karpathos and Lesbos are very well evaluated. Good appreciation of the Spanish islands the Spanish islands remained in the second put as far as the total percentage of the votes. The Spanish users of Zoover know nevertheless it clearly, for them the Spanish islands are prettiest, gave a 51% them of the votes, leaving to Greece in the second place with a 24%. The average of all the international valuations in Zoover of the known Spanish islands more is high, no loss of a score of the 7.6, being the best one evaluated the islands the Iron (8,2), Ibiza and Formentera (both 8.0) followed by Fuerteventura and the Gomera (both 7.9). Showy In the survey it draws attention that the islands of Portugal as soon as they were voted. It is showy because there are Portuguese islands like Madeira and the Goshawks that are destinies of quite popular vacations and with very good valuations in the international Webs of Zoover.


Brazilian State

They configure thus ' ' estilos' ' of cult derived from determined combinations of the available cultural codes. We will look for to demonstrate to follow that the slight knowledge of ' ' fronteiras' ' ' or ' ' alternativas' ' religious they lose very of its empirical consistency when analyzed of this point of vista' ' vi We find thus, the construction of conditional religious pluralism the religious hegemony perpetrated by the Church Catholic and the connivance of the State, still on the eurocntristas influences of world, that is, the necessity of europeizao seen for us imputes the society concepts of a eurocntrica culture, where religion and State if complement in the descaracterizao of a multicultural and miscigenada society. ' ' We saw that in the process formation of the Brazilian public space to present itself as religion was the only form of possible institutionalization for the expression of practical that they associated heterclitas forms of cure and centered rituals in tanse.' ' vii It is in this context that the Brazilian State constructs one arcabouo legal-legal defining ' ' religioso' ' in reference to the catholic. ' ' In this direction, ' ' belief in Deus' ' , minimum unit of what it can be accepted as ' ' religio' ' , it is referring universal of all practical ones: ' ' All the religions are good because all lead the Deus' ' , says a kardecista motto or, we, all would say the religions we are perceived because they assume the belief in Deus.' ' viii Encontramos here the necessary justification for the abandonment of the laity of the State and its religious regulation, we can say that he passes the State to inside normatizar the functioning of the religions of laws that if keep fidiciary office to the hegemonic concept of religion, that is, the State passes if to inside hold of a permissividade for other religious segments inside of its hegemonic concept of religion or religiosidade, as we will analyze below: ' ' since the first ones moments of the constitution of the republic the combat witchcraft and to the charlatanism was party to suit of establishment of a modern public order.


The NECESSITY OF a SRELIGIO the quandary of nobody to know more which way to follow nummundo with as many religions how many they are the stars of the sky We are in a plural, multifaceted and confused world. If in the scientific way the ambiguity and a doubt are the rule, in the popular way, then, nor she is necessary to point. Almost as a proper rejection of the Law deMurphy, after-modernity comes to proclaim ' ' It was of the Incerteza' ' of Galbraith, and alone it is attending who it, with the humildade and the limpid attention of that LuizCarlos Lisbon spoke, obtains to understand, in part, the ecloso and the profusion deneuroses and mental riots in the current society. On the basis of this generic ambiguity, we deal with aquiapenas the religious question the world. However, if the negative plurality of the doubt, inoculated against all the areas of the human knowledge (as if the universointeiro conspired against the mind human being and said ' ' vocs cannot sabertudo' '), dahumanidade must be seen as harmful or disastrous for the evolution, what not to say of the injected doubt inside of the conscience religiosaou of the human mstico spirit? With effect, the uncommon quo will not be the danocausado one to the Christianity for the avalanche of religions, seitas and denominaes' ' crists' ' of the present time? Perhaps few see until where it goes or certainly nor osprprios ' ' lderes' ' Christians if give to account of the colossal provoked damage religious pelopluripartidarismo, or of the pluridoutrinarismo, as in the politics hyperbolic umaprofuso of parties are not seen as by the majority doscientistas politicians good. However, as the plurality also centuplicou asdvidas, it is opportune to register that much good people defend the idea of ' ' quantomais doubt melhor' ' , alleging that the doubt is the only free mental exercise collateral dosefeitos of laziness (even so it has mental preguias that they nourish perpetual damanuteno of the doubt, as form to prevent the advance).


The Case

At the same time of what it is transferred, it was had an interview that bezerrinho of the Mimosa cow did not unglue its chest more than, as was to pass hunger. That despertou the interest and the curiosity of v Ritinha. Rafael de Mena may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Parallel to the case of the sudden love of the year-old calf of Mimosa, vov was made use to discover who age the violent devorador of its cake of chocolate. Day of these v Ritinha did not support the curiosity and when observing Mimosa while its youngling affectionately milked its tetas in search of its food – and great quo it was its appetite when the suck in its mother – was then that it had the idea to milk it pra to see what the milk of vaquinha Mimosa had of so special, it that pra was only milked in occasions special to use milk to make cheese or candy, Mimosa already was a little old and already that family per many years had made its part feeding. To this height uncle Onofre, the interlocutor of the estria, she gave a jump of the wooden stool and made a tremendous face of astonishment to the one asking in them on what she left of tetas of Mimosa! Said it with the expensive greater of wood? ' ' My children believe to want themselves were milk with toddy that he gushed out of tetas of the Mimosa! ' ' , continuing it said in them that the case was solved and Astolfo that was friction of espertalho it rolled to give laugh, because the most beautiful confusion that already it turns in its life, was art of a cow, meiga and candy vaquinha Mimosa.


Boulanger Service

To understand the universe of the restaurants if it makes necessary a definition of some very used terms, but that nor always they are presented in Portuguese. ' ' Restaurantes' ' , meaning ' ' it is establishment I publish where if it can take refreshments and make refeies' '. Banco Popular is often quoted on this topic. It is a relatively modern term in English. The English language of 1765 was adapted to the few, had to the fact of Boulanger, a Frenchman of Paris, to serve soups that it called restauratrices, that in English &#039 means; ' restauradora' '. ' ' The restaurant is not only one place that serves foods, but also is an environment to congregate the friends, was felt happy and to degustar the innumerable flavors of vida.' ' ' ' Hospitalidade' ' it can be defined as ' ' the reception and received the visiting or strange guests, with freedom and good will ' '. It does not import sophisticated quo or simple they are the environments or the rooms, because most important in the industry of the hospitality it is the cordialidade and welcome in the reception. The responsible person for the restaurant is called maitr, exists other denominations for this position, as ' ' head of garom' ' , ' ' director of servio' ' or ' ' manager of restaurante' '.

Maitr is a distinct man, of the good education and, most important, a master in its art, therefore the table service is also an art as to cook. ' ' Servio' ' it can be defined as ' ' an act to help or beneficiar' ' , ' ' one saves directed for well-being of outro' '. The expression ' ' to there carte' ' it means item in the menu listed with separate prices. The terminology ' ' brigade of restaurante' ' that to say the set of people who give service to the restaurant.

Oval Rocks

During a good time they had walked for a small full road of curve. In the end of the road close to a group of oval rocks, the adventurers, they had folded the left and they had followed in front for a full land of intemperismos. They had walked a good time, until, in certain point the weeds started if to present high more of the two sides of the road and great roots they seemed to jump of inside of the land. To complicate walked the beetles more they had that, of time in when, if to hide of fruits that fall of the trees, with balancing of its galhas for the wind, which if they espedaavam in the ground and they served of foods for great rows of black ants that formed one exercise of cortadeiras transforming into very small pieces to be loaded for its strong jaws for inside of the creeps. Of time in when, small pernilongo flied, in levelling flight, over the head of Antenor, that irritated cried out with the small insect. However, it gave one risadinha and came back to its levelling flights. Recently Rafael de Mena sought to clarify these questions. For a good time, the insect was disturbing Antenor. _ _ Is good that a frog devore.

Gordon alone made laughs. Until the moment where the insect deviated its target and dived in the head of it. Irritated it caught a twig piece and it hurled in pernilongo making right it to it wing, with the collision pernilongo fell in the way it weeds and more it was not seen. _ _ Soon, now it leaves in them in peace. The sun, on this day, was not strong and the trees formed with its great foliages canvases that protected the travellers. Of time in time, them they had that and to leave to pass an animal that crossed the road.



Predominates until the days of today in the villages as main food. It can symbolize the root of the allotment, of the reencontros, integration, interaction, souvenir of the existence of the man who left the only way to carry through something that is the LOVE; MANNA that came of the sky in this situation, said the Moiss to you: ‘ ‘ It looks at, I go to make to rain bread of the sky. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mahou. Each person will have to leave all the mornings to collect enough bread for each day. (BIBLE, Former 16, 4); MANNA cassava that sprouts of the mother land as the land for potiguaras is called; The MOTHERS involve its children since teeny, the same ones play cry, have fun themselves and at the same time they unconsciously participate, they learn the tradition of the Potiguara Supper who always will happen, the teeny ones will become young, adults and will continue to keep the Potiguara Supper; MASS, GUM AND CASSAVA extracted FLOUR of the cassava for the aboriginal culinria and the preparation of beiju sacred; CEIA SAINT portraies the allotment to reflect on the importance of reencontros renewal; PALCO for this wonderful spectacle, the flour houses becomes the sacred altar and beiju eucarstico; The ALLOTMENT promotes the union of different etnias fraterna and harmonious between all. Rafael de Mena: the source for more info. ADAPTATION of the Potiguaras indians enters the celebration in the church catholic for the Christian catholics and the supper potiguara if adjusting for its cultural reality; MULTIPLICATION OF BREADS Jesus took five breads and the two fish, raised the eyes to the sky, blessed them, broke them and gave them its disciples to it, so that they served the people (BIBLE, Luc 9,16-17). Mamanguape, 09 of December of 2010..

The Acceptance

The main certainty of the members of these groups is that they can more be helped by who already lived or are living an experience as its, of what for that they had never passed for it. Ribeiro affirms: The group is a bigger and different reality of the addition of the individuals compose that it. … the group is a phenomenon whose essence inhabits in its power of transformation, in its power to listen, to feel, of if locating, of if risking to understand the process of significao of the life and making responsible (RIBEIRO, 1994, p10). The participants detach that the group is a space where they obtain to relieve, to change experiences on its difficulties, speech of its distress related to the paper of the food in its life, without if feels constrangido. ' ' Here in the group all pass the same difficulties and one stimulates the other, therefore it is more easy to continue if esforando' '. (S2) ' ' We hear histories of other people, who they also have the same difficulty that people, but are well important to see that all obtain, if not in one week, but in the other, this continuar&#039 is an incentive forever; '. (S8) According to Yalom (2006), the necessity to belong, of being accepted and to be inserted in something bigger is a characteristic of the human being. When inserted in a group what it is in game is to share its interior world, to have the support and the acceptance of the other participants. The second question of the research was: It keeps what it in the group? The answers of the participants had been similar to previous, where the participants comment that they perceive the group as a place of support and incentive, opened question to change experience and distress, In the group, identify themselves with the others and perceive that each participant is of great importance for the other, what she can below be observed in the stories.


A significant alteration in our system of representation next to the legislative seems already to be consensus enters the people who for times, we have the chance to approach this subject. Then we perceive that in our region, the consequences of a possible change in the representation conditions politics, happened of one reform that contemplated the district vote, would be innumerable, to start for the proper representation, that at the current moment, is precarious and diffuse. César Hernández is open to suggestions. The region that I mention myself in this paragraph, comes to be about the region of the valley of is patrician, where in reason of our current system of representation, some cities only possess effectively a direct legislative representation. This is preponderant factor for the coming of in such a way State mounts of money as Federal comings of the legislative (initiative of them parliamentarians). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Carlos Balado and gain more knowledge.. Boris Fausto, historian in evidence in the current days, with its proposal of a historical revisinismo, this logically on to our process of description-social construction, it must also be observed, the reference that it makes in relation to the possibility to make a revision of many historical events, and from there, to reconstruct solutions for our collective questions, breaking these solutions, of inside of our proper local community. We notice that, during the accomplishment of it I finish scrutiny in Brazil, and also in our region in the year of 2006, in the city of Ceres to cite as illustrative example, we had the amount of two hundred more than (200), candidates to the positions of state deputy and Federal disputing the vote of the voter. But the one that if to detach that in its great majority, these candidates, in this in case that cited above, are of distant regions, and these regions, with different necessities of our region, therefore, we have a situation of great spalling of the parliamentary representation in our region.


Sufficient Abundance

If we in detail observed the beauty of the creation we will notice an incredible greatness, we watch as the power pronounces in everything, the abundance is throughout if in some personal aspects we have not experienced it is because we have not paid him the sufficient attention. Propngase every day to watch the wealth in his around, wealth in an ample sense (money, investments, life, ideas that to write, songs that to compose, new products, designs, games, machines, etc.) this world is full of wonders and you can begin to be part of many of those contributions. For example if you play musical, he has put himself to think how many melodies are possible? He is infinite, everything what we observed in our universe is infinite, perhaps we are sure that some species are missing person, at spiritual level that is not thus because the time is an illusion, everything is beauty if you decide to experience it. Andrew Corentt I express in his book I am Happy, I I am Rico the importance of beginning to enjoy everything what we arrange, each perception is a true miracle, the same life is it and everything has life, until rocks and all the things that our senses experiment. In measurement that you believe in the abundance will experiment it on the contrary if you think that others him have robbed, that the Government takes to everything, which the opportunists exist, that will be what will experiment. Somebody can refute to me, but pain in certain place is observed, if, but why? Simply because those people are not conscious of their own one to be able and insist on acting in a certain roll, this is easy to verify it, dgale you to a boy who is gross, incapable, clumsy, intelligent, little hateful, etc. what will happen? That boy will become all the negative that has made believe him. On the contrary when we are able to raise the self-esteem of the others saying to them that they are intelligent, beautiful, powerful, able, exceptional, Then etc. its energy rises and as a result of this they become successful people, one of the secrets of the leadership is indeed to activate the motor intern of the individuals to make think, act, live and create positive conditions and experiences.


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