United Russia

Opposition parties, and we JUST RUSSIA included are also involved in this strange game. Theoretically, you can try to win an impressive victory or representation in a particular region – but what will happen, it would give? Intensification of the struggle, increased use of administrative resources, the replacement of local politicians, who hold at least formally certain rules of the game for those who will try to ensure that the result at any cost, up to the election fraud. It would seem that the opposition won more seats, a step toward democracy – and no, it turns into a gain authoritarianism. In addition, the parties have very hard with the staff. It’s not even that “United Russia” is very strong selective work (which it can learn). Yes, the deputies, especially in local elections, where up to So long as the elected non-party lists, which you can shove anyone, and the individual, the party recruits objectively the best representatives of society, the most respected people. As a rule – teachers, doctors, reputable businesses.

Worst of all, many of those who could win over the opposition, just afraid to stand as candidates in elections. A teacher or doctor can easily push the administrative vertically. A businessman – he does not want to communicate, why would he risk the business? Here are elected to local councils edinorossovskie “troika”, “Five” is almost at full strength. Especially as the interest of voters to election is becoming less and those whose turnout is controlled and regulated, always know for whom to vote. And yet there is a way out, he – in a constant, daily work constructively for the benefit of residents. JUST RUSSIA thing should prove that it is a party, for which the voter vote will be scary that it will work, but do not kick up a row in the Legislature, to decide questions of citizens and not to engage itself in PR.

It is our party is a chance we can break this vicious circle, otperevshis the healthy forces of society, to people who care about the future of our country. And these are everywhere – and in other opposition parties, and among those who are generally apolitical and disappointed by the current situation in Russia. There are willows “United Russia” – there too many people understand that the current situation is not quite normal that the dominance secured mainly by administrative means, is unstable because it is unjust. Our task – to find people who are independent, progressive, indifferent to the fate of the country and their region, and the people responsible worthy. Bring them under his banner, to show: there is a lot that could be a decent alternative, but only if you yourself become a part of it, but a party spokesman make your own aspirations. Mechanism nomination in the “five” United Russia as a whole of society is closed. Perhaps they are discussed at party conferences, or on some backroom meetings. I think that JUST RUSSIA for the local elections should go fundamentally different way, and apply directly to the public.

United States

Before the World War I, the lung cancer was considered a rare illness, which the majority of the doctors could never see during its professional career. With the growth of the popularity of the tobaccoism after the war, had an increase ' ' epidmico' ' of lung cancer. The incidence of sexual impotence is approximately 85% greater in masculine smokers of what not-smokers, and is an important cause of ertil disfuno. The tobaccoism leads to the impotence for causing the nip of the arteries (of the penis and the body). The illnesses related to the tobaccoism kill 440,000 citizens state-unidenses per year, about 1,205 per day, making with that the tobaccoism is the biggest cause of death capable to be prevented in the United States of America.

The increased risk of the person in contracting illnesses is directly proportional to the duration of the time where the person continues to smoke as well as a smoked amount. However, if somebody stops to smoke, then these possibilities diminish gradually since the bodily injuries are repaired. It is an illness of difficult estimate of incidence, because a definitive diagnosis, on the basis of its morphology, only can be made by examination of the pulmes to the autopsies, was present in 65% of adult men and 25% of the adult women. The majority was assintomtica, mainly of enfisema to centriacinar, more common and intense in men of what in women. the type most serious occurs in the great tabagistas.

Although enfisema if does not become incapacitante until fifth the eighth decade of the life, dficits ventilatrios evidentes decades can become clinically before. In the truth, enfisematosas alterations in the pulmes of adolescents had been found who had died of accidental causes and that they had been displayed to the pollution of ambient air. EFFECT IN the BODY In the eyes, the tobacco produces the ambliopia tabgica, that represents the weakening of the direction of the vision and distortion of the point of visual focus.

United Nations

Liga of the Nations renasce in Brazil Of this time the league has a golden hexagon with seven stars and one of these stars is in the center of the hexagon being the greater well supports all the others, the league of the nations renasceu for justice and the peace is its fruit, today it is not more the blue pentagon of two stars that distributed the wealth, that nor were its, but yes stolen of nations that had been arrasadas. The new world-wide order is born as the new order of State, as the only way for the nations, as one I renew left the root of the old order, clamando for the justice ideal that was lost the much time in history, and was abandoned by the Organization of United Nations, clamando for the right to the life and the full health that they had been denied by the World-wide Organization of Health. Before the weapons of destruction in mass and the overwhelming missiles of today, the sacrificiais acts ' ' pacficos' ' or abominable, cruel and horrendos sanguinrios, libidinous people and, were msticos and the people carried through certain types of described offerings as primcias: of airs, of waters, the fire, the land and the stars. It enters the primcias of the land we have historical and literary references that indicate the offers of foods, animals and people. Preferential the best foods, more beautiful were chosen pure, the best more perfect and healthful animals, the best human models that were new strong beauties and. The old or primitive peoples had a very clear characteristic that consisted of the slavery of the ignorants (wild peoples, who had not received the knowledge) and of the domination of the doutos (civilized peoples, that had received the knowledge) also known as Hixos (evolved peoples, dominadores of other peoples). The historical science and studies; astrology, archaeology, museologia, anthropology and sociology, show that, in diverse Ages, groups prevail that a knowledge withholds using it as form and tool of domination. .